Former Nebraska Running Back Lawrence Phillips Suspected of Murder

Long Photography-USA TODAY Sports

Long Photography-USA TODAY Sports

Former Nebraska and St. Louis Rams running back Lawrence Phillips has been suspected of murdering his cellmate, Damion Soward.

Soward was found dead early Saturday morning in his cell. Phillips is currently serving a 31-year term for assaulting his girlfriend and driving his car into a group of teenagers. Soward was serving an 82-year term for first degree murder. The former College star is currently residing at Kern Valley State Prison for his sentence. He has not officially been deemed guilty, but signs point to Phillips as the cause of death.

Lawrence Phillips is commonly known as one of the biggest busts in NFL, being selected sixth overall in the 1996 NFL draft. He only rushed for 632 yards and four touchdowns in his first year. Throughout his career, he only managed to pick up 1,453 yards in four seasons. He was famous for his missed block on Aeneas Williams, which led to Steve Young being sacked, and ultimately, ending his legendary career.

It has also been reported that there was another inmate killed that day, at that same prison. Rattanack Kim, a 41-year-old inmate was found dead as well. He was currently serving a sentence from 35 years to life. His inmate, John Munoz, is the main suspect. Munoz is 24-years-old, and serving a 42 year sentence for sexual battery.

This murder is still under investigation, and in the eyes of the American court of law, allĀ are presumedĀ innocent until proven guilty.