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A group gathered at the legislature building on Thursday, May 24 at 2:00 p.m. before the Throne Speech to put pressure on provincial politicians to speed up the twinning of Highway 63.


    1. Rachel
      May 3, 2012

      I am a pilot truck driver who aides in moving the wide, heavy loads across Alberta. Unfortunately unless you place a cop car every 20km or so there is no way you will be able to make people slow down. Changing the speed limit and upping fines won’t make them slow down. If hwy 63 was twinned though there would be no chance of head ons or people speeding excessively to get passed other vehicles. I can’t even count on my 2 hands how many close calls I seen in 1 day driving that hwy. Our loads are very heavy and very wide so most of the time people get mad because we can not even do the speed limit. Our drivers try our best to be respectful to other traffic by pulling into roadside turnouts to let traffic pass and communicating with each other about on coming traffic but the drivers of the big trucks cannot see behind them and I have seen people drive right underneath the back of the load. Every accident on that hwy is caused by someone driving recklessly and if the hwy was twinned it would almost eliminate all accidents as there would be much more room for traffic to pass each other and visibility of all traffic around would increase. For the safety of everyone who travels hwy 63 it needs to be twinned. Stop spending millions or billions of dollars on overpasses in Edmonton just to make it look good and start spending that money where it is needed!!

    2. murray
      May 4, 2012

      The highway needs to be twinned for sure However that will take yrs and macmillions of dollars Perhaps a toll
      However there is another route to fort mac past anzak then hang a right on 63 go 30 K
      most ppl do not realize or wish to use the other high way Perhaps the government needs to promote 82a more

      • Rachel
        May 4, 2012

        Do you mean hwy 881? That hwy is just as bad and if you get more traffic on that one it will end up being the same as 63

      • Wendy
        May 5, 2012

        it will NOT take years if people BAND TOGETHER NOW – there is STRENGTH in numbers and the community and people DO have the power. Join together people and do NOT stop, do not give up. This so needs to be done NOW. The oil companies want workers then they need to also step up to the plate.
        Us your imaginiation to let those who can make it happen make it happen.

        wendy gruhlke-smar. Social Work for social justice.

    3. Carolyn
      November 30, 2012

      Maybe everyone who works at syncrude and suncor should all just take a day off all at the same time to petition one day with no workers means they loose millions and they can’t fire everyone! I drive with my kids on that road and see near accidents all the time if they can’t twin it then why can’t they reroute the big loads and semi to 881 how many people have to die, maybe the damn people making the desisions should drive that road to understand


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