The Destruction of Ryan Mallet


Photo Credit: CBS

First off, we have to state that no, Ryan Mallet did not spontaneously explode and is healthy as far as we know. However, he may very well have caused the destruction of his NFL career.

Mallet was cut by the Houston Texans on Tuesday after missing the team chartered flight on Saturday. Mallet claims that traffic was bad and it caused him to miss the flight, yet he was the only one to not make the scheduled time.

Mallet has reportedly been extremely difficult to work with since he lost his starting job to quarterback Brian Hoyer. The 27-year-old was completely dreadful against the Indianapolis Colts on national TV and then suffered a minor injury. He wouldn’t see the field again that game.

Even in a loss, Hoyer provided an instant spark to the Houston offense. Mallet had a poor expression, dare we say pouting, on the bench the entire game. That’s something we expect from Vince Young, not a disciple of Tom Brady.

Mallet’s poor reaction to being benched plus missing the team’s chartered flight was the opening to his NFL career destruction.

He could have easily sat there and trained for when Hoyer slipped up, but he did the opposite. It would be incredibly shocking if Mallet is ever a impact on a NFL team again.

Maturity and poise go a long way in the NFL…maybe he should have learned that from his mentor Tom Brady.

The Texans signed T.J. Yates to replace the disgruntled Mallet.