Wednesday, 30 October 2013

♥ Beauty Comes From Within ♥

Beauty comes from within; we have heard this saying so many times in our life. It’s usually linked with honesty, kindness and being able to release positive energy to whoever they comes in touch with. Immunization, not the first thing you think about when it comes to beauty from within, but today I urge you to do so. Having a healthy life is the first step to beauty. Leading a healthy life comes from having a healthy mind, body and soul. In the same way a developing nation requires a health mind, body and soul. It is our responsibility to make this body of our nation healthy by immunizing the citizens that constitute the physical body of the nation. 

Nutrient ♥ 
Naturally our bodies are designed to take care of itself provided it receives the proper nutrients. We need to look at the basic food table and assess what nutrients are truly being given to the child. It is a common practice in foreign countries to give their children nutritional supplements in the form of tablets. In India, the birth place of Ayurveda, we can rely on natural sources for such nutrition.

Exercise is the breath of the body, less makes it weak and more keeps it healthy. Encouraging outdoor sports is the best way to ensure that children enjoy their exercise. Planning family outings to places that can accommodate such activity rather than going to the mall will be a choice that will result in a healthy body and relationship. 

Lastly the most important of them all, love towards each other. It comes for no cost at all but can truly change a person. It encompasses mercy and kindness towards each other whether it is engaging in charity work or simply smiling at someone can truly show that you care. Once you care for them they will take interest in caring for themselves. It will help us bind the nation together to achieve our goal of an immune, healthy nation.