Athletes Respond to Drake vs. Meek Mill


David Maialetti/Staff Photographer

As many of you may have heard, the ongoing dispute between the two rap stars, Drake and Meek Mill, has garnered a lot of attention, even in the NFL and NBA.

A certain third party Philadelphia Eagles linebacker has something to say about the dispute. Mychal Kendricks states that “too many people” have compared him to Drake, and goes on to comment, “I wonder how it’s gonna be if Drake tries to come and perform there…” Following these comments Kendricks said that Meek ‘runs Philly’. He has a point in saying it should be interesting next time Drizzy comes around the city. Doesn’t seem like Mill and Drake will be sharing a cheesesteak there anytime soon.

After Mill released his own diss track, ‘Wanna Know’, it didn‘t go over all too well among many of today’s top athletes. Naturally they took their opinions to Twitter:

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant showed his support by referencing Drake’s “Charged Up” in a tweet Thursday evening.

Orlando Magic Forward, Tobias Harris tweeted referencing Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” and the diss:

Backing up Drake as well were Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Golden State Warriors’ Harrison Barnes and the Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas. The athletes went to twitter:

And lastly, the ever so humorous Le’Veon Bell:


Meek continues to “Wanna Know” many things and so do we. This dispute seems to be far from over.