There has been many wars over the past few years but one that has lasted for a long while is Consoles vs PC. Decades ago the champ was Consoles but it has been over 10 years since PC has been putting a great fight.


The current generation was a letdown in specs (I am not saying it is bad) but when consoles used to be released they were at the high end section with it comes to hardware but this time it was all mid-rage.

PC has been champ when it came to hardware especially with it comes to GPU power (we can thank the NVIDIA vs AMD war as they like to battle it out) but this doesn’t mean developers have been taking advantage with all that power, but instead become more lazy when it comes to optimization.




When it comes to exclusive both have their ups and downs. PC has a ton of exclusive but let’s be honest, how many of them are really good or triple AAA titles? I prefer quality of quantity. PC games might have LoL or even CSGO which are awesome games but then on the other side they have games like Halo 5, The Last Of Us and Bloodborn. When it comes to exclusive consoles are on top.

FPS, resolution and graphics

It is obvious that the PC dominates in this area. But that all matter? If you care about this then no doubt that PC is a better option for you. Whenever I play on my console I & many others sit back and connect it to the TV. They don’t really notice the resolution but how the game looks; The Last Of Us was a beautiful game and ran perfectly but it depends on the game and publisher. If the publisher make a game that is a 30fps First person shooters it is horrible. Whenever I play on my PC I am next to the monitor, this easily makes me notices resolution, frames (anything under 60 is easy to notice) and graphics.

Game Share

It’s not really possible on the PC. On the PS4 and Xbox One it is. PC games are cheaper when you are purchased it online but typically all games have a DRM and locks the game on that spefic account. You won’t be able to sell your old games. Lets not forget that Consoles day one prices are ridiculous but you can pick the game from other sources for a decent price. When it comes to campaign I can just buy the game and then just sell it off when I am done. This makes it an easy win for consoles.



Nothing special but it is a bonus. Not all or even half of game support it but when they do the community tend to make some awesome mods. Only PC.

No Monthly Fee

I don’t need to explain why PC wins in this area.

Plug in and play

All games released will be playable on consoles just by placing the CD in, no need for driver updates, upgrades or additional installations.

Outside of gaming

This shouldn’t be really here as we are just discussing about gaming. Even though PC hardware can be quite expensive they can do more than just game. An example is video editing or even emulation.


When it comes to optimization and updates consoles get the love typically from developers. They would optimize the game as much they can then port it over to the PC with improvement or not at all. For example AC: Black Flag was poorly optimized for PC, at times unplayable unless you had some high end graphics card. Recently PC has been getting more love but on the time of writing the article Low end hardware won’t give you a good experience when it comes to playing AAA titles.

Upgrade & backwards compatibility

This generation consoles do not support last gen games and controllers. Doesn’t matter what kind of PC you have, as long you have the hardware to run the game then you would be fine.



Price is quite hard to decide who the winner is. Consoles are cheaper and building a PC that costs and performs the same is going to cost more than a PC, but it isn’t the same as PC hardware can be easily replaced and upgraded including that PC can be used for more the gaming.


To make it short and simple they are set for two different types of people, one for plug-in and play and the other is a “better gaming experience” to me. This is my opinion anyway, your views could be different and maybe I missed a few things out (which you can comment down below what I missed).

I am personally a PC gamer, I have been gaming since I was a little kid. Installing a game, updating drivers and solving problems isn’t a challenge for me, more of I enjoy fixing problems (depending on the problem) but others with less technical knowledge don’t know what a “driver” or even know how to install one which could be off-putting for some.

For someone that works (In a bank for example) that doesn’t have that technical experience would prefer and console then a PC as they just want to come home and turn the Xbox on and play. No need to play around with settings, no need to find a fix due to crappy devs, no need to update any drivers just sit down.