DirectX 12 Gives A Boost of 330% To Old Hardware

A Reddit managed to his hand on the preview build of Windows 10 with DirectX12. The user tested DirectX12 with his Geforce GTX 670 and Intel i7-2600k which managed to give astonishing results. He claims that his test gave him a 400% boost in draw call throughput.

In the image below, his s single thread results On DirectX11 were 1,515, 965 draw calls whereas on a multi-thread it was 2,532, 181 draw calls but when he switched to DirectX12 the number of draw calls increased to 8,562,158 which is more than 330% increase in performance.


He then said:

“That’s the kicker part about this bench. There’s no actual point score. All it’s doing is increasing the number of draw calls by increasing scene complexity. It just keeps going until the framerate drops to 30, then notes the calls/sec and bails. Since it’s only issuing calls for primatives (apparently anyways) it’s actually giving you a solid idea of how raw output is limited by the number of draw calls that can be dispatched.”

He was then asked about how the API will impact the Xbox One, which he replied with “The problem there is the Xbone is hideously GPU bound and while multithreaded performance SHOULD be good, the CPU is operating at a painfully slow clock rate.”


DirectX 12 Gives A Boost of 330% To Old Hardware