1. If a piece of plastic gets broken, can it be purchased separately?

It is not possible because there are not by-products for sale.

2. How many times can it be washed and at what temperature?

Its shelf life is 100 washes, 30 minutes at 40ºC + 2G/L Detergent without having to disassemble. HANDSHIELD does not need high-temperature water to remove unwanted microbes. Antimicrobial treatment is constantly responsible for killing bacteria and fungi and contributes to the saving of water and energy due to fewer washes, lower temperature and lower detergent use.

3. Can it be adapted to a baby's pushcar?

This product is adaptable to any bar between 27-30 mm in diametre. There are three canvas sizes to suit the one that meets your needs best.

4. Does the bag where it is stored need to be disinfected?

The product inactivates viruses although it is always advisable to clean all products after a period of use.

5. Who assures me that the treatment is reliable?

We are supported by SMART INOVATION, which is the supplier of Si Bac-Pure canvas treatment. This treatment is approved of by BPR, compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ISO 18184 ANTIVIRAL PERFORMANCE and dermatologically-tested.