King’s Own Scottish Borderers (25th)

In Veritate Religionis Confido “I put my trust in the truth of religion”
Nisi Dominus Frustra “Without the Lord, everything is in vain”

Recruiting Area
Scottish Borders

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers were raised in Edinburgh in 1689 by the Earl of Leven to defend the city against James II’s Jacobite forces. The Earl was able to raise 800 men in two hours, and first fought the Jacobites at the Battle of Killiecrankie in the same year. Even though they were defeated, the regiment was judged to have performed well so were honoured with the ability to recruit by beat of the drum in Edinburgh on any day except Sunday. The regiment fought many battles against James II’s forces, and also fought at Culloden in 1746 Under the Duke of Cumberland’s command.

With an impressive battle honours list, the regiment was amalgamated with the Royal Scots in 2004 despite heavy criticism. A court case was launched against the British Government and this decision, however proving unsuccessful.

Victoria Cross Winners
Lt G. H. B. Coulson, 1st Bn K.O.S.B., 1901. Boer War
Piper D. Laidlaw, 7th Bn K.O.S.B., 1915. Loos
CSM J. Skinner, 1st Bn K.O.S.B., 1917. Ypres
CQMS W.Grimbaldeston, 1st Bn K.O.S.B., 1917. Ypres
Sgt L. McGuffie, 5th Bn K.O.S.B., 1918. Belgium
Private W. Speakman, 1st Bn K.O.S.B., Korea

Regimental Pipe Music

March in quick time – Blue Bonnets o’er the Border
March in slow time - The Borderers
The Charge – The Standard on the Braes o’ Mar

Company Marches:
A Company – The Bugle Horn
B Company – Bonnie Dundee
C Company – The Mucking o’ Geordie’s Byre
Support Company – A Liberton Polka
Headquarter Company – Cock o’ the North

Regimental Band:
March in slow time – The Garb of Auld Gaul

Allied and Affiliated Regiments
25th Battalion The Royal Queensland Regiment

The Royal New Brunswick Regiment of Canada

The 5th Battalion The Royal Malay Regiment