Microsoft CEO: Xbox One, Games, and HoloLens Are Key For Microsoft’s Future

The chief executive Satya Nadella has said gaming across Xbox One, PC, and HoloLens belongs at the heart of his vision for the future of the company.

In the new mission statement sent to Microsoft employees which was posted online by Geekwire, Nadella said gaming will be key in realising a “broader vision for Windows,” as the company seeks to unite all its gaming-oriented initiatives.

“We will pursue our gaming ambition as part of this broader vision for Windows and increase its appeal to consumers,” he said.

“We will bring together Xbox Live and our first-party gaming efforts across PC, console, mobile and new categories like HoloLens into one integrated play.”

Nadella also said Microsoft will aim to deliver experiences focused on the mobility that is enabled by the cloud.

“We will build the best instantiation of this vision through our Windows device platform and our devices, which will serve to delight our customers, increase distribution of our services, drive gross margin, enable fundamentally new product categories, and generate opportunity for the Windows ecosystem more broadly.”

After the departure of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft announced Nadella as its chief executive in February 2014 underlining Nadella’s work in establishing the cloud infrastructure behind Xbox including few others.

Early this year Xbox head Phil Spencer announced Windows 10 will support Xbox One game streaming, allowing games to be played on PCs and tablets running the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

“We have to put the gamer at the centre of every experience,” Spencer said at the time.

We can see cloud gaming is going to be the future of gaming at some point which Microsoft will be the leaders as they have the right resources to do it correctly. We have seen cloud computing powered for games recently which has failed due to not having enough resources/optimization or just the price plan was too high.