MOON RISING is the second film of the series: UFO – The Greatest Story Ever Denied.

“We didn’t lie about ‘certain’ things … We lied about everything!” — BellCom, NASA insider.

“Jose Escamilla, with the groundbreaking film Moon Rising, and the associated seriesMoon Views, brings new information into public view, for the first time, about what is on the Moon, as well as insights into what has been deliberately hidden from public view, and why.” — Val Valerian, Leading Edge International Research Group.

“It is unimaginable to think the Moon is lifeless after seeing Moon Views. No words can describe the journey Jose Escamilla takes you through in this film. An absolute Must See!!” — Saskia Kraft van Ermel.

“Once I started the colorizing process on the photos by adding earth tones and colors to the moon landscapes, the structures and towers began to pop out! I was so overwhelmed at what I was seeing that I stayed up all night to colorize as many of the photos from the archives as I could. I have spent as much as two days colorizing a single photo because there are so many things there to see.” — Jose Escamilla.