Did the the U.S. government cover-up up evidence nearly 100 years ago that reveals the ancient Egyptians once traveled as far as the Grand Canyon? As far-fetched as that may sound, there is some evidence suggesting that that may be exactly what happening.

On April 5th, 1909, a front page story that ran in the Arizona Gazette reported on a team of explorers who had made absolutely mind boggling archaeological discoveries in the heart of the Grand Canyon. The team, apparently funded by the Smithsonian Institute, mentions within the article of structures and hieroglyphics they had found which were described as being “Egyptian” in nature. Unfortunately, after this initial news report was published, not a whisper of it was ever published about this extraordinary discovery.

Did this discovery really happen? Or, has been covered up? Archaeologists are making new discoveries throughout this area all the time. Is there evidence still sitting in caverns near the Grand Canyon that would change everything that we’ve come to believe about American? Or for that matter, world history…

These are hard questions, for which we unfortunately have no solid answers. For now, all we have is this April 5th, 1909 article from the Arizona Gazette. The text from this article follows….