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It is fitting that the storyline coming out of the NFL and Los Angeles remarriage is reading like a soap opera script.

And the irony that Hollywood is in the name of one of the potential sites should not be lost on anyone.

As this drama unfolds there will be many a one-percenter telling our communities why their idea, their plan, their team should be the one chosen by the city and it citizens. With so much white noise permeating from the debate, I think it’s high time a rational person speaks on the matter.

Prepare yourself.

1) First and foremost, the NFL does not need Los Angeles.

Yes, LA is the second largest market in the nation and has two teams in each major league sport (if you care to rope neighboring Anaheim in the OC), playing in their respective leagues, but the NFL has beaten down the MLB, NBA and NHL since the Rams left and they’ve shown no signs of falling off as the #1 sport in the nation.

Concussions, court cases and domestic abuse be damned.

2) LA does not need the NFL

A majority of us are from somewhere else. I’m not about to surrender my allegiance to the Chicago Bears and I doubt any of you will give up your hometown team either.

3) LA is the mistress:

Minnesota, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego have all previously been rumored to be defecting to Los Angeles just to have their government officials and communities sign off on the owners’ demands. We’re the city every owner says they love and want to leave their wife for, but they don’t and we end up empty handed and alone.

4) Please not Oakland:LA Raiders

There might be fans of this team left here because of its run in LA during the 80’s but who cares.

The Raiders suck.

Their ownership sucks.

Their team is a revolving door of bad coaches, poor draft choices and under-whelming talent.

And their fans?! No thanks Oakland – you can keep the Black Hole because that’s what your team is – a soul-sucking waste of a franchise that vacuums up any and all of the positive energy and light that enters it’s gravitational pull.

5) Hollywood Park a terrorist threat:

Way to go AEG! Do you think Angelenos are idiots or are you just that dense yourselves? You commission a report about rival site Hollywood Park by former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and, SURPRISE, that location would be a potential terrorist target!

The report suggests that since LAX is just a few miles from the Inglewood site and because airplanes use that airspace, terrorists would be tempted to shoot down a plane or crash one into the stadium.

Of course, that could happen, just like that could happen on any day and anywhere in this country. Everyday thousands of people enter a stadium, arena or venue and everyday those places are targets for terrorists.

You know what? This is a mute point in the whole affair and AEG should be ashamed they even went this route.

LA RamsNoise, noise, noise. I recommend no one follow this story from here on out. Let the players maneuver their chess pieces around the board and we’ll all stare at the sky and watch the day go by – both will be about as productive.

Good Luck LA. I wouldn’t start looking at dresses and picking out invitations just yet.

Remember, we’ve been through this before and it certainly didn’t go well.


Correction: Our twitter handles will remain intact.
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Are the #Lakers doing what we think they're doing? @georgemiddlet0n & the "T" word. #LakeShow
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Correction: Our Twitter handles will remain intact.
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