NVIDIA countering Fury X with price reductions

NVIDIA is going to announce the range of price cuts on the high end cards to really compete against AMD Fury X. This has already happened to the US customers, but for the EU the prices remain high as customers still buying for NVIDIA asking price.

In the US the competition between AMD and NVIDIA is near head to head, the prices dropped by 10 per cent, whereas NVIDIA has more loyal fans in Europe in the high end graphics card market which they would throw money at for which ever price NVIDIA decides.

This could force AMD to drop its prices or even remain the same as the Fury X did perform really well against NVIDIA high end cards. In Europe, they may need to consider dropping as it does have weak sales in that region, which I personally believe won’t be easy and may even hurt the company.

NVIDIA was expected to drop prices, of course, but only for its lower-end products like the 700 or 600 series.