Pinterest Presents Buyable Pins Which Allows Purchases

Pinterest has revealed its new feature “Buyable pins”. It allows you to purchase products directly from Pinterest. The way it works is within Pinterest there are “Rich Pins” which are pins which have a lot more information than a normal link such as materials, brands and name of a product for example let’s say you was browsing Pinterest then you see a Fedora that you always fantasied about, you click on the pin which then display an image of the fedora which that giving you options such as colour to pick from, then with a click of a button you buy the product which arrives to your door.

Finding-the-right-colorCurrently Pinterest is working with Stripe to handle its payments, and working with companies like Apple for security including the use of Apple Pay. Macy’s and Nordstroms to stock Pinterest with “millions of products,” as well as working with tens of thousands of local brands and merchants.


“Right now since everyone uses their phone, but it’s still a pain to buy things,” Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said at the event. “There are fiddly menus, you have to squint to see the images.”

Buyable Pins will launch within the end of the month.