Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders (79th)

Pro rege et patria “For King and Country”

Recruiting Area
Far north of Scotland, the Orkney Islands and the Western Isles.

With origins firmly based in the Highlands, the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders were formed at the height of the French Revolutionary Wars in 1793. Raised by Alan Cameron of Erracht, the regiment served in many battles across the world incuding the Dutch Helder Campaign, Quatre Bass, Waterloo, the Crimean War, the Second Boer War and both World Wars.

Perhaps the most famous soldier of the Camerons is Gaelic poet Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna, who wrote many well-known poems about his time in the trenches of the First World War including An Eala Bhàn (“The White Swan”). The regiment also has a strong record of achievement in piping, both playing and competing.

Victoria Cross Winners

  • Sgt D. D. Farmer, 1st Bn The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, 1900. South Africa.
  • Pte R. Tollerton, 1st Bn The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, 1914. First World War.
  • Lt Col. A. F. Douglas-Hamilton, 6th Bn The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, 1915. First World War.
  • Cpl J. D. Pollock, 5th Bn The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, 1915. First World War.

Regimental Pipe Music
March Past in Quick Time:
Piobroch of Donuil Dubh

March Past in Slow Time:
The Garb of the Old Gaul

The Charge:
The Standard on the Braes of Mar

Company March:
A Company – The Dornoch Links
B Company – The Highland Brigade at Tel-el-Kebir
C Company – The Brown Haired Maiden
D Company – The Bugle Horn
S Company – The 51st Highland Division at Wadi Akarit
HQ Company – Over the Chindwin

Lochaber No More

Regimental Toast
Tir nam Beann, nan Gleann, ‘s nan Gaisgeach;
Far am faighear an t-eun fionn,
‘S far am faigh am fiadh fasgadh.
Cho fada ‘s chitear ceo mu bheann
‘S a ruitheas uisge le gleann,
Mairidh cuimhne air éuchd nan treun.
Slainte agus buaidh gu brath
Le Gillean Cabar Féidh!
Cabar Féidh gu Brath!

The land of hills, glens and horses;
Where the ptarmigan thrives,
And where the red deer finds shelter.
As long as the mist hangs o’er the mountains
And water runs in the glens,
The deeds of the brave will be remembered.
Health and success for ever
To the lads of Cabar Féidh,
The Deer’s Horns for Ever!

Allied and Affiliated Regiments
The Royal South Australian Regiment
The Royal Western Australia Regiment

The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada

New Zealand:
4th (Otago and Southland) Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
7th (Wellington [City of Wellington's Own] and Hawkes Bay) Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

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