Report: QB Matt Schaub Signs With Baltimore Ravens

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Margaret Bowles

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Margaret Bowles

Fromer Texans and Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub has reportedly agreed to sign with the Baltimore Ravens on a one-year deal, according to’s Peter King. The details of the deal remain uncertain.

Schaub will be playing behind quarterback Joe Flacco for the Ravens organization. Adding depth to the quarterback position is not necessarily an awful idea. Flacco, 30, has not shown severe injury symptoms in recent years, or decline. The insurance Schaub provides is a stability stake for the Ravens organization.

Schaub’s career remains alive as he has bounced around the National Football League (NFL) recently. At the age of 26, Schaub landed his first starting role with the Houston Texans. His tenure with the Texans would last seven seasons; of those seven seasons, Schaub totaled 23,221 passing yards and 124 touchdowns, totaling 40 victories as well. In his last season with the Texans, 2013, Schaub had thrown 14 interceptions; a statistic the Texans were ready to move on from.

Prior to the 2014 NFL draft, the Raiders had signed Schaub. The action seemed, at the time, as a one year commitment at the quarterback position. During the 2014 draft, the Raiders had selected quarterback Derek Carr with the 36th overall pick. Carr would go on to start all 16 games for the Raiders organization. The Raiders were not in a complicated situation. If Schaub played well, he would then gain the starting role; if not, Carr would have a veteran presence beside him in Schaub.

Teams, such as the Atalanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Jets, have expressed interest in the quarterback’s services, but never scheduled a visit, according to the Baltimore Sun. Schaub will provide a veteran presence for the Ravens, but will play behind franchise quarterback Joe Flacco.