After 12 years my experience with alleged United States Air Force OSI, (Office of Special Investigation Agents) can finally be put to rest. The end results are not what other researchers that worked with me on it expected at the time of the incident, but it is reassuring to know that after all this time, I can now publicly state what we believe took place and I can move on to other investigations.

For those not familiar with “the Interception” back in June 1997, a full account of the incident can be read at:

As a brief recap of the event, I’ll try to summarize it in this editorial, and propose the conclusion arrived at with the help of other researchers that became involved 12 years ago.

I had been volunteering at the UFO Museum in Roswell less than a year as the UFO investigator, when a phone call was received from a gentleman in Oklahoma that stated his dad had been involved with the Roswell Incident as a military policeman, and he had a piece of metal from the debris field that he wanted to get rid of. Several phone calls took place between the son and myself to arrange a meeting in Oklahoma to interview his Dad and get the metal for testing.

Only three people at the UFO Museum, (the Museum Director, Deon Crosby, two founders of the Museum, mortician Glenn Dennis and Max Littell), were aware of the phone calls, and the pending trip I would make to Oklahoma. Since my son was going to college at Oklahoma State in Stillwater, where the gentleman’s son’s phone calls originated from, I used a visit to my son as a cover story for anyone that questioned why I wasn’t at the Museum.

Upon arriving in Oklahoma I was unable to make contact with the gentleman’s son, during 3 phone calls I made to the only phone number I had, leaving a message on their recorder each time. About 3:30 a woman returned my call and said to meet them at a Denny’s restaurant at 7 PM. I went to Denny’s, and a man and woman came in fitting the clothing description she had given me on the phone. The gentleman said, “Are you Dennis”, and I said, “Yes”. He said, “The gentleman you planned on meeting will not be here.” I asked, “Who are you?” He said, “We’re Special Agents of the United States Air Force, Office of Special Investigations.” I said, “How did you know I was coming over here” and he said, “We knew Monday that you’d be here Friday.” I asked, “Is my phone tapped” and he said, “You know how we do business.”