When doing any research, and particularly the 1947 Roswell Incident, its always exciting when a new witness comes forward or other information not previously uncovered is found. I suppose that’s what keeps some of us “digging” into the events surrounding the incident that happened 62 years ago. Many have given up, or moved on from researching the Roswell Incident, however in my case and for several other researchers, we’re not yet convinced that all the information has been brought to the table. After all, the 4 different excuses given thus far do not satisfactorily answer the many questions raised over time about what happened on the Foster ranch Northwest of Roswell in 1947.

First and second-hand witnesses are dying at an alarming rate, due to now being in their 80’s, if still alive, so when a new witness is discovered, it’s critical to obtain as much information as possible and attempt to verify that information. Such was the case at this years Roswell UFO Festival July 2-5, 2009, when I was introduced to an 85 year old gentleman that “claimed” he was on the airplane that transferred the debris from Roswell to General Ramey’s office in Fort Worth Texas. He indicated that Intelligence Officer Major Jesse Marcel, military police and several wooden crates were on that same flight and was anxious to meet Major Marcel’s son Jesse Jr., who I was able to introduce him to. Other researchers have interviewed him and perhaps this adds more validity to the accounts we’ve been hearing for years.

Another group is in the process of testing some material obtained from the Foster ranch during a dig that was done there several years ago, with the University of New Mexico Archeological group. If the material being tested should turn out to be of unknown origin, it would simply add more validity to the ongoing research being done about the Roswell Incident, proving again that the material recovered was not a weather balloon, Mogul balloon, or crash test dummies as we’ve been told on three separate occasions by the Air Force to explain Roswell.

That leaves us with the first excuse that Lt. Walter Haut wrote July 8, 1947 for media distribution as the Public Relations Officer at Roswell Army Airfield, under orders of the base commander Col. William Blanchard.