Fear destroys lives, and sometimes that fear becomes so intense that it governs not only all of our actions, but the actions of those around us. We as a society even begin to accept fear as ‘the norm,’ and believe we’re destined to live in a world governed by it. Let’s face it, terrorism is here to stay.

Facing facts, we have accepted the fact fear is an emotionally motivating factor that has been imposed on us throughout our lives. From parents, governments, employers, lovers, teachers, and even our friends. Those fears hang around our necks throughout life like a hangman’s noose, and has become so deeply rooted in us, they often conflict with our most basic of instincts; survival and self-preservation; triggers that are inherent in all species of the animal kingdom. Yet unlike other animals who avoid what they are afraid of, humans respond to fear with even more fear, perpetuating a cycle that allows that dreadful emotion to control every aspect of our entire existence, including all those around us.

The BIG question is, can fear be defeated, or at least the power fear holds on mankind?

Hitler at a rally of ‘Brown Shirts’ in Berlin in 1932; a Nazi Party militia that helped Hitler rise to power in Germany created in 1922.

Commander of the ‘Brown Shirts,’ Ernst Röhm’ with Adolf Hitler at a 1937 rally in Berlin. Different tasks within his forces each had their own uniforms for quick identification.

Originally groomed for the leadership in the Third Reict, Hitler used his ‘Hitler Youth,’ many under 12, to fight in the Battle for Berlin in 1945.

Hitler’s SS instilled fear wherever they went on their murderous and ruthless attacks killing randomly after storming homes and business’. The invasion of Yugoslavia, also known as the April War or Operation 25, was a German-led attack on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers which began on 6 April 1941 during World War II.