Zecharia Sitchin’s revolutionary proofs of the history of our solar system and of hybridization experiments on Earth focus on the period 500,000 years ago until 2023 B.C. The facts that Sitchin presents can end the stranglehold of Earth’s present matrix. He exposes the mindset that governments, religions, establishment scientists, slavers and corporations perpetrate by denying our true origins.

Establishment scientists dismiss the stories and physical evidence which Sitchin, Richard Thompson, Michael Cremo and Michael Tellinger, revisionist historians, present regarding human origins and history on Earth. Conventional evolutionists refuse to consider evidence from non-Darwinists, from ancient civilizations and from contemporary cultures the revisionists review. Yet the revisionist perspectives can be tested.

Sitchin cites archeological records of an atmospheric crisis 445,000 years ago on the planet Nibiru, our solar system’s far-orbiting tenth planet. Long-lived modern humans inhabited Nibiru.

Starting 445,000 ago, Nibirans–administrators, medical officers, 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen–rocketed to Earth to search for gold to shield Nibiru’s diminishing atmosphere. They first found ample gold in Africa.

300,000 years ago, the Nibiran scientist Enki responded a problem he created. He staged a mutiny of the miners in Africa. His solution to the mutiny was to genetically alter southeast African apemen devolved from ancient human setters decimated by Earth’s periodic astronomical catastrophes into hybrid Earthlings to mine and refine gold. Expedition officers taught the slaves also to raise crops for themselves and the expedition’s working complexes in Mesopotamia. Nibirans enjoyed the slaves sexually as well, and regularly added their genes to the pool of the Earthling slaves’ DNA to create today’s Homo Sapiens, who were like the Nibirans but lacked their longevity.

After the Deluge, 13,000 years ago, the¬†masters had their Earthlings build cities in Sumer. The masters bade their slaves address them as “gods”. The so-called gods lived in luxury in ziggurat castles next to their aircraft hangars. The gods managed their Earthlings through priest-kings–hybrid descendants of one of Enki’s Earthling lovers.

The gods taught Earthlings information and skills so they could serve the gods, the gods’ material, clerical, informational, domestic and sexual needs, as well as the expedition’s mining mission–skills in astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, herding, writing, architecture, geology and sexual pleasure-giving. Several gods dictated memoirs to slave scribes. The memoirs were particular gods’ personal slants on the formation of the Solar System, history on Nibiru, the Expedition to Earth, the Flood, and the gods’ take on current events.

The Nibiran so-called gods on Earth differentiated themselves into two murderously competitive lineages. One of these lineages descended from Enki (the “Yahweh” who, in the Bible, created Earthling hybrids). Enki’s lineage struggled with the lineage descended from Enki’s half-brother, Enlil (another of the composite “Yahwehs” of the Bible; this “Yahweh” ordered hybrids drowned in the Deluge). The “gods” of each of these lineages, as well as factions within each lineage, taught Earthlings the skills and mind-set of genocidal war, violence, slaving, defoliation, male domination, hierarchical thinking, and lust for gold. Each god insisted on his or her slaves’ unquestioning obedience. Each god demanded his or her slaves hate and fight opponent gods’ kings and their slaves.