The Witcher 3 Developers Assures Textures Remain the Same from 2013

Just a few days from release with The Witcher 3 and CDPR has revealed more information about concerns about the game.

Philipp Weber The Quest Designer of The Witcher 3 clarified that the textures were not changed from the initial footage shown in 2013

“We never switched the textures. On pc, you now have the option to activate “Ultra” quality textures with the full resolution. However, the difference that many people see with new and old footage was a strong sharpening filter in 2013 that looks awesome on screenshots and in short videos, but strains the eyes after a short while if there is a lot of movement (leaves and grass swaying in the wind as an example). That’s why it was decided to tone that effect down.
However, people who really want to have it can of course use the Redkit to change the environment settings. It’s just a matter of taste. ; )”

  • Ryan

    Oh, look. More lies.

  • Necromonger

    And the wheel keeps on spinning.

  • Aokiji #OPSquad

    Bruh that one day patch must have everything if they are still claiming that lmao

  • Cristian Cornea

    Really? I actually think the textures in the final game look better than in that trailer. The geometry certainly is.

  • Vasilescu

    This is getting embarrassing

  • revlux

    If you have the p.c. version you can easily make the game look as good as it did in early dev. shots.

  • Hey I’m Patyx

    Oh, look. Another whiny kid who talks shit without even playing the game.

    “However, people who really want to have it can of course use the Redkit to change the environment settings. It’s just a matter of taste. ; )”

  • PullTheTricker

    Not everyone is willing to bend over like a good little boy and accept this level of deceit and lies CDPR marketing department manages to pull off.
    Their Steam page is still full of screenshots from pre-downgrade builds. Falsely advertising it the way they are, they deserve some flack. Should I remind people of the entire Watchdogs fiasco?

  • raw

    You don’t need to play the game to know they lied, which has nothing to do whether the game is fun or not. Why should i have to modify a game to look like what was promised when the game was first advertised? We are giving a lesser product with the promise of tools so that we can fix it ourselves with mods.

  • sri aurobindo

    Look at some of these people whining like this is actually important in the scheme of things. Good lord, no one is forcing anyone to play this game. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple.

  • BloodHound7281

    But no matter what is said, they will complain! I on the other hand will be enjoying this epic game!

  • BloodHound7281

    Good point! But we all know damn well they will buy it nonetheless and continue to complain regardless! To all of you who enjoy games for what they are……games! Good gaming to you!

  • BloodHound7281

    And let thee who has not sinned (lie) cast the first stone!

  • BloodHound7281

    Even if they have lied, are you innocent of that, never lied in your life huh! Get over it because EVERYONE has done it including YOU! You’re no better than anyone else so quit acting like you deserve better! The devs did what they could to make this game epic and epic it will be! Bigger and better in every way then either game before it and that’s not good enough for you! I just find it interesting that the majority of you complaining have no idea what it takes to make a game, and to those who think they could do better, show me your portfolio and what awesome unicorn of a game YOU helped create and if you can’t, shut up and quit complaining and let THEM do THEIR jobs because we sure the hell aren’t doing it! I look at it like this, if you don’t like the way I look then don’t f#&king look at me! These people are artists and if you don’t like this piece of art move on to the next! Good gaming to all!

  • Kol Khara

    Well, they have a business to keep out of bankruptcy, it’s not like they can rely on their PC porting contracts or Polish translating to stay afloat.

  • Th3Dizzler
  • raw

    I’ve never lied to make more money off a product. If i’m ever caught in a lie i tell the truth, they’ve been caught in the same lie over and over again and simply continue to lie. Why? Cause what they did is considered False Advertisement. If they told the truth they can be sued for cash, admitting they lied will only make it that much easier for customers to win. That’s the difference between an individual lying and a large company lying about their product. Just because they are both lies doesn’t put them on equal footing.

    Whether the game is bigger or better is out of the question. They falsely advertised their product to build hype.

    I have created a game, i’ve modded them as well, i’ve recreated parts of them. I’m not questioning their capabilities, games are amazing creations and that is not what i am questioning. That’s just your misguided bias to argue against people calling them out for their misdeed.

    It’s not the art i’m questioning. It’s what they did. Again you just making things up and drawing false conclusions from what i said.

    It’s a great game, i’m probably gonna buy, i’m probably gonna play it and like it. That doesn’t change that i don’t like what the company did and the response they had that it’s up to me to change the game to look more like what was originally promised.

    If i don’t like the way you look, i would probably still continue to look at you. I just wouldn’t say i don’t like the way you look. Thus this is not a situation of i don’t like the way witcher 3 looks.

    Good day sir.

  • BloodHound7281

    Are you talking about the videos they put out way back when to show their vision of what they wanted to do and everyone assumed it was what the final version would look like?

  • DeMoosen

    Then show me a real-time comparison video of you turning this supposed “environment setting” on/off.

  • raw

    Not assumed, it was advertised as ingame footage as well as a developer confirming that the visuals in the trailer would be reproducible with settings.

  • Ryan

    Considering I’ve never sold anyone anything under false pretense as to its quality, I’m ready to start stoning the shit out of whomever or whatever is guilty of said bullshit.

  • BloodHound7281

    Funny thing is, nobody put a gun to your head and said buy the game! If I was going to buy a car, looks nice at first,drives fine but I’m going to sleep on it! I go back the next day and see it in a different light, I no longer like the looks, I don’t want to buy it anymore so I move on! Nobody on this fu@$king planet has any control over what I do! If someone has that kind of power over you, well, you have much bigger problems to deal with than how tw3 has let you down!

  • Ryan

    Given the spectrum I used, I’d say you chose the wrong point to argue. My not buying the game has no bearing on whether someone out there was sold on the 2013 presentation before it was reduced to what we have now.

    “Not buying.”
    Try again.

  • BloodHound7281

    So why are you here? If I felt cheated or duped in any way by anyone, I sure the hell wouldn’t waste my time giving it life! So I ask again, why are you here? Do you feel that your opinion will stop someone from spending 60 dollars on something that will entertain them for well over 100 hrs or do you just want to be heard? You’re not buying, that’ll show cdpr who’s boss, I mean its not like they have over a million pre orders or something! I admire you for standing your ground, but I found that in life there are many battles that we must stand for and fight but a video game is not one of them! Ryan, have you ever made a video game? I would like to play it! I would like to see how high your standards are for games! If you have not,why be upset! If you came and painted my house I may be upset, for I am a painter and can guarantee it would not be as good as if I did it myself! If I came to your house to overhaul your engine I could see you being upset, for I am a painter, not a mechanic! So I’m curious, do you have some game Dev experience? Because if you do, I could see you being upset, but if not, what’s the problem and don’t say because you were lied to, because its all around us, have you ever bought a car or home? You’ve been lied to and payed thousands for it! But not a 60 dollar game! Sorry I just don’t get it!

  • Ryan

    My concern is the quality of this pastime and the effect of developers’ shortcomings and deceit. Please do write another chunk of pointless text that highlights your completely missing that point.

  • BloodHound7281

    Yeah I figured you would have no ground to stand on, enough said!