Tim Tebow Cut By Philadelphia


Michael Perez/Associated Press

Michael Perez/Associated Press

One day removed from trading Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals, the Philadelphia Eagles cut quarterback Tim Tebow. People were hoping that Tebow would crack the roster, but after today that will not be happening. After Barkley got traded people speculated that Tebow was going to get a roster spot as the 3rd string quarterback.

In 12 games with the New York Jets in 2012 Tebow had 39 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions with a passer rating of 84.9.He also ran for 102 yards in 32 attempts with 0 touchdowns. The team brought Tebow in, for some competition with then starter Mark Sanchez.  What the team got was someone who could not fit in the team offense; it was a big mess in New York for Tebow.

Even though Tebow is not a franchise NFL quarterback, he is a good quarterback. If put in the right system, he could succeed. He is a good passer as he showcased at Florida. Though he has some problems with his accuracy. The thing that interest teams the most about Tebow is what he can do with his legs; he has the ability to extend plays with his legs. He is great for a read option offense, when you need a couple of yards in the clutch Tebow can run past defenders giving you the first down and more.

This move is a little surprising; trading Barkley yesterday made a case for Tebow to become the 3rd string quarterback. Chip Kelly and the offense that he runs was perfect for Tebow, but the team did not see enough out of him to give him a shot during the regular season. But with only Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford in the opening day roster, at the quarterback spot, the team needs to find a third string quarterback. Unless the team feels comfortable with the two quarterbacks that the team has on the roster right now.

Now that Tebow is out of a job in the NFL, the most likely thing he will do is do something in sports reporting. Either it would be for Fox Sports or CBS Sports. He can not return to ESPN for the next 2-3 years, since that is what the two sides have agreed on to let Tebow be on the Eagles roster.