Winston, Mariota Post Impressive Wonderlic Scores.

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Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, the top two quarterbacks of the 2015 NFL Draft, have put up very impressive Wonderlic scores. Winston, the projected first overall pick scored an above-average 27 on the test, while Mariota, the reigning Heisman winner, scored an astonishing 33.

The Wonderlic test is measures an athlete’s “Football IQ”, on a scale of 1-50. The NFL average score on this test is a 20. Both scores are significantly higher than the average. Wonderlic scores have proven to be a good way of seeing a prospect’s intelligence for the game and to determine if they are ready for the next level. Both of these quarterbacks are sure-fire first rounders, and these scores will help their already high draft stock.

If we look back at some previous Wonderlic scores, Winston and Mariota are hanging in with some great names. Quarterbacks Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning all scored 28 on the test. All three of them have led their team  to a Super Bowl victory in their careers. However, Blaine Gabbert scored a 42 on the test, while Frank Gore a six. We all know how their careers shaped out to be. While the test is mostly accurate, it is not enough to base one’s whole draft strategy on.

Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota? This question has been a very common question as we approach the NFL Draft. The Wonderlic test definitely helps Mariota, but Winston seems to have sold himself to the Buccaneers. While Winston may be ready for the NFL, his off-the-field actions may hurt him, and his stock. While these test results give an obvious edge to Mariota, the Buccaneers could easily look to Winston for their quarterback needs.

The Wonderlic Test has been a very intriguing test for all of the prospects getting ready for the draft. It exposes flaws, but cannot be 100 percent trusted. While teams would rather see a high score, low scores aren’t the end of the world. Winston and Mariota’s scores are something NFL teams will be analyzing.