The First shall be first and the last shall be first

In London for the games. The city is showing it’s history as well as it’s willingness to take center stage to host this amazing event. And they are doing it right. If you are a track and field fan (sorry, I mean athletics), you would be in heaven. A crowd that appreciates each athlete, TV that shows the entire meet without commercial interruptions and uses Michael Johnson as the commentator. Brilliant.

On the women’s side, contrasting the apparel alone and you realize the Olympics means something almost revolutionary for women this time around. A revolution that we can inspire each other across country lines, a revolution that we will be counted on the medal stand and beyond, a revolution to respect and recognize all women for their contributions. The fans here are cheering for this revolution. Both the first and the last receive roaring response from the crowd. ¬†Soon the world will understand the ancient saying that women hold up half the sky. Even if that sky is often cloudy and raining on the fans here, nothing will dampen the mood of this ¬†sports revolution. Join it!

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