10 Movie Set Accidents


The Return of the Musketeers – 1988 The Return of the Musketeers - 10 Movie Set Accidents [Plethrons.Com]

British actor Roy Kinnear fell off his horse, breaking his pelvis. He suffered a heart attack the next day, which killed him. the director retired from the film.


The Crow – 1993 The Crow - 10 Movie Set Accidents [Plethrons.Com]

A bullet became lodged in a pistol. A blank was later loaded & shot during a scene. This propelled the bullet out of the barrel, striking & killing Brandon Lee, who was 28.


The Warrens of Virginia – 1924 The Warrens of Virginia - 10 Movie Set Accidents [Plethrons.Com]

A thrown match ignited the period costume of Martha Mansfield causing severe burns to her face & neck. She died the next day.

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