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10 Wrongful Executions

10 Wrongful Executions

Thomas & Meeks Griffin – 1915 Thomas & Meeks Griffin - 10 Wrongful Executions [Plethrons.Com]
Brothers executed on the testimony of a known criminal, who had the murder victim’s gun in his possession. Racism was a big factor for the execution.


Timothy Evans – 1950 Timothy Evans - 10 Wrongful Executions [Plethrons.Com]

Executed for the murder of his own baby daughter, he blamed his neighbor. 3 years later it was discovered that his neighbor had killed at least 8 women. Evans was pardoned.


Mahmood Hussein Mattan – 1952 Mahmood Hussein Mattan - 10 Wrongful Executions [Plethrons.Com]

Hanged for the murder of Lily Volpert, following the statement of a known criminal who was paid by the Volpert family. That witness later tried to kill his own daughter and Mattan was exonerated in 1998.

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