What Would it be Like to Travel Inside a Black Hole?

Why Does It Hurt - What is it Like to be Inside of a Black Hole [Plethrons.Com]
A gravitational field not only warps space, it also warps time. Now, for most intensive purposes here on Earth, we never have to worry about that. But, near a black hole, gravity would be so strong that an observer standing, watching you jump into the hole, would see something quite strange. They wouldn’t see you get sucked quickly into the hole- instead, they would see your approach become slower, and slower, and slower, until you reached a point known as the event-horizon. This is a point in space where, once crossed, there’s no going back. It is at that point that light can no longer escape. And, so, to a person watching you fall into the hole, that would be where your journey ended. You would seem almost frozen in space, the light coming off your body becoming increasingly red-shifted until you simply faded into nothingness. They would never see you cross the event-horizon. But for you, of course, everything would seem fine and dandy. You would continue passed that horizon to your now, inevitable, death. As you continue to approach the black hole’s singularity, your view of the entire universe would get compressed into a smaller, and smaller point in space behind you. If the black hole you’re jumping into was large enough, things actually might be quite comfortable at that event horizon. You’ll know that you’re never going to escape and that your life is pretty much over, but it might take you hours to actually reach a point where things started to hurt.

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