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Papering into a door or window recess

paper recess Although the majority of hanging wallpaper is straightforward, there are some tricky parts you may need to deal with.

In this section, with the aid of diagrams, we guide you through how to paper into a door or window recess.
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If you take a look at Fig 1.1 you can see that in our example we are coming into the recess from the left hand side, the same technique is used when coming from the opposite direction as well.
Fig 1.1
First take the next length (pasted and ready to hang) and butt it up against the previous drop, using a blunt pencil mark the wall down the right hand side of the paper (see Fig 1.2), this will be your guideline. Remove the length from the wall.
Fig 1.2
Now mark the inside of the recess, level with the guideline as shown in Fig 1.3.
Fig 1.3
Now measure the depth of the recess and cut a length of paper (full width) to this measurement adding 5cm, paste the paper and allow to soak.

When the paper is ready to hang line it up with your guideline and smooth the paper into the recess, cut the paper at the corner as shown in Fig 1.4 to allow it to sit into the corner of the recess, once in position smooth the paper using your paper hanging brush ensuring to get rid of any trapped air.
Fig 1.4
Now trim the paper down on the left hand side allowing around 3cm as shown in Fig 1.5. Next give the overhanging pieces on the wall surface an uneven edge either by carefully tearing the paper or trimming with the scissors in a zig-zag motion (ensure to leave enough paper overlapping around 3cm), this will help disguise the overlap (again see Fig 1.5).
Fig 1.5
Now get the length again and hang as before, when you are happy with the position cut along the top edge of the recess as shown in Fig 1.6 (you may find it helpful to mark the back of the paper along the edge with a blunt pencil).
Fig 1.6
Next fold the paper around the corner of the recess ensuring not to leave any air trapped, smooth into position using your paper hanging brush. run the back of your scissors down the edge (by the window frame) then gently pull the paper back to allow you to trim the excess see Fig 1.7.
Fig 1.7
Finally smooth the entire length with your paper hanging brush ensuring to remove any trapped air, and wipe any paste off the window frame.
Fig 1.8