Real-Time Sample Queue

We will attempt to maintain as close to real-time as possible project/sample information in this queue display below. This will allow you to monitor the progress of your samples through the IMR workflow. It will also allow prospective clients to get a sense of how full the current queued sequencing runs are for those who wish to multiplex without contributing whole runs (as discussed on our submissions page).

Warning: Due to high demand, sample queue is fuller than average, extending our typical data delivery times from 1 month to 2-3 months. Second MiSeq is now helping clear the backlog and a new robot (Coastal Genomics Nimbus Select) has arrived.

Current total number of samples/slots committed to queue:   3,909
Last update of queue:   Aug.14

Upcoming MiSeq Runs
Run Type Level of Completeness Planned Dates
Run114: Amplicon 378/378 samples Aug.18-21
Run113: MetaG 6/6 samples Aug.18-21
Run112: Amplicon 366/366 samples Aug.15-18
Run111: MetaG+WGS 14/14 samples running...
Upcoming NextSeq Runs
Run Type Level of Completeness Planned Dates
RunNS11:MetaG 59/96 samples Aug.X
RunNS10:MetaG 6/6 samples Aug.X

Legend: = in progress/pending; = completed; Extr. = extracted (either in advance by client, or by IMR); Libr. = library prepared; Seq. = sequenced.

Samples Received (3011)
  Target # Extr.
IMR-201708-13C (MacPherson>Olivier) custom 54
IMR-201708-13B (MacPherson>Olivier) Bact 54
IMR-201708-13A (MacPherson>Olivier) BactV4 54
IMR-201708-12 (SorianoR) custom 191
IMR-201708-09 (Jin>YMLee) BactV4 295
IMR-201708-08C (Countway) Cyano 1
IMR-201708-08B (Countway) Euk 68
IMR-201708-08A (Countway) BactV4 64
IMR-201708-07 (Finlay>Pena) BactV4 64
IMR-201708-04 (Dufour>Verhoeven) Bact 33
IMR-201708-03 (Srinivasan) BactV4 25
IMR-201708-02B (Bertrand) Euk 27
IMR-201707-16B (Iglesia>Daille) Euk 270
IMR-201707-16A (Iglesia>Daille) BactV4 291
IMR-201707-10 (Sugnaux) BactV4 45
IMR-201707-08 (Gore>Conwill) BactV4 248
IMR-201707-05 (Lawrence>Hawkes) Cyano 14
IMR-201707-02 (Jones>Fu) ITS 102
IMR-201706-18A (Kulkarni+Langille) BactV4 39
IMR-201706-16 (Laroche) ? 285
IMR-201706-15 (RamirezS) Bact 63
IMR-201706-11 (Osenberg>Brown) BactV4 304
IMR-201706-10B (Orcutt) BactV4 23
IMR-201706-10A (Orcutt) Bact 23
IMR-201706-03 (Kembel>Jameson) BactV4 273
IMR-201706-02 (Gagnon>Betts) Cyano 50
IMR-201701-15A (Amyot>Khadra-PAUSED) Cyano 51
Queued for MiSeq (764)
  Run Target # Libr.Seq.
IMR-201707-15 (Shen) 114 BactV4 11
IMR-201706-05 (Bielawski+Lindell) 114 BactV4 243
IMR-201702-11B (Carlson>Wilkins extra)x2114 custom 62=124
IMR-201706-12B (Ganz) 113 MetaG 6
IMR-201708-14C (Cheng) 112 ITS 2
IMR-201708-14B (Cheng) 112 Bact 2
IMR-201708-14A (Cheng) 112 BactV4 2
IMR-201708-05 (Ganz) 112 BactV4 10
IMR-201707-13 (D'Imperio) 112 Bact 12
IMR-201706-01 (Trefault) 112 Bact 178
IMR-201705-16B (VanLimbergen) 112 BactV4 87
IMR-201705-16A (VanLimbergen) 112 BactV4 73
IMR-201707-11 (Boddy>Gosse) 111 WGS 3
IMR-201707-04 (Yurgel) 111 WGS 2
IMR-201706-14 (Lee>Kim) 111 WGS 3
IMR-201706-13 (Boddy>Gosse) 111 WGS 3
IMR-201705-03 (Laroche>Tolman) 111 MetaG 3
IMR-201708-06 (Whitney) 110 ITS 2
IMR-201708-02A (Bertrand) 110 Bact 27
IMR-201708-01 (VanLimbergen) 110 BactV4 5
IMR-201707-14 (Marnocha) 110 BactV4 9
IMR-201705-04A (Keeling>delCampo) 110 Euk 336
Queued for NextSeq (134)
  Run Target # Libr.Seq.
IMR-201707-01 (Lindell+Bielawski) pendingmetaG 61
IMR-201707-06B (VanLimbergen) pendingmetaG 8
IMR-201708-10 (Kelly>Guthrie) NS11metaG 20
IMR-201706-18A (Kulkarni+Langille) NS11metaG 39
IMR-201708-11 (Lovejoy>Vigneron) NS10metaG 6
IMR-201706-XX (redos+controls) NS9 metaG 27
IMR-201706-19 (VanLimbergen) NS9 metaG 16
IMR-201706-06 (Kemp) NS9 metaG 5x3
IMR-201705-12 (Hamdan>Mugge) NS9 metaG 37
IMR-201706-07 (Beiko) NS8 metaG 2
IMR-201706-AA (NIST) NS8 metaG 2
IMR-201705-14 (Scott) NS8 metaG 7
IMR-201704-17 (Laroche) NS8 metaG 7
IMR-201703-17 (VanLimbergen) NS8 metaG 73
IMR-201703-15 (Hamilton) NS7 metaG 4
IMR-201703-11 (Kim) NS7 metaG 31
IMR-201612-07B (Parfrey>Lemay) NS7 metaG 18
IMR-201612-13 (Emerson>Scott) NS6 metaG 2
IMR-201612-07A (Parfrey>Lemay) NS6 metaG 94
Queued for Analysis
  Target Status
IMR-201706-17 (BustosM) BactV4
IMR-201705-07 (Li>Tian) BactV4
IMR-201705-05B (Price>Neal) ITS
IMR-201704-11B (Gagnon>Betts) BactV4
IMR-201704-11A (Gagnon>Betts) Cyano
IMR-201704-13 (McMaster) WGS
IMR-201703-01 (Knowles>Marsh) 18S
IMR-201701-15D (Amyot>Khadra) ITS
IMR-201701-15C (Amyot>Khadra) BactV4
IMR-201701-15B (Amyot>Khadra) 18S
IMR-201704-09 (Sugnaux) BactV4
IMR-201704-08B (Price>Neal) ITS
IMR-201704-08A (Price>Neal) Euk
IMR-201704-05B (Gagnon>Allward) BactV4
IMR-201704-05A (Gagnon>Allward) Bact
IMR-201703-02 (Granger+Whiteson) BactV4
IMR-201703-05 (Li) BactV4
IMR-201703-AA (Langille+Peers) metaG
IMR-201612-02 (Whiteson+Singhal) metaG
IMR-201702-09B (Gagnon>Allward) BactV4
IMR-201702-09A (Gagnon>Allward) Bact
IMR-201701-01 (Sly>Dobranowski) BactV4
IMR-201701-AA (del Campo test) Bact
IMR-201701-12B (Gagnon>Betts) Cyano
IMR-201701-12A (Gagnon>Betts) Bact
IMR-201702-14 (Murray>Trim) WGS
IMR-201702-06 (Ganz) BactV4
IMR-201702-02 (Ganz) BactV4
IMR-201701-09 (Ganz) BactV4