Submissions Guidelines

Contact the IMR Manager directly to initiate your project's consultation, then download our Excel form:

Sample Submission Form

This form is to be filled out with all of your details for tracking purposes and has sample preparation and shipping guidelines (please pay careful attention for international clients). You will be given a unique project/sample identifier in the form of "IMR-YYYYMM-00" which will allow sample tracking, will show up on your billing information and be listed in the online queue.

In order to offer as flexible (and economical) a service as possible to the community, we will not be insisting that clients fulfill complete multiplexed runs of samples. We offer the option of sequencing less samples, but with the caveat that your samples may take a bit longer in the pipeline as we wait for the remainder of the run slots to be filled by other projects/individuals. Of course, you will always have the option of expediting your service by purchasing the complete run at any time (even with less than the maximum of samples for that particular run type).