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Benefits of Waterbirth:
  • Greater comfort
  • Greater maternal mobility in water
  • Promotes deeper relaxation of the muscles. This in turn allows for the bodies own oxytocin to be released, creating more rhythmic & efficient contractions.
  • The buoyancy allows the mothers body to remain weightless allowing her to sustain longer positions such as squatting, etc.
  • Helps mother to conserve her energy by supporting mothers weight so that her energy can be used to cope with contractions.
  • Many women report water being an effective tool for natural pain relief
  • Greater sense of privacy. Being completely submersed in water can relieve anxiety allow a woman to feel less inhibited during the labor process.
  • Allows a mother to let go and focus inward as her labor progresses.
  • The warm water softens the vagina, vulva, and perineum, leading to fewer injuries to these tissues.
Tub Specs & Info:
  • Easy set up and breakdown
  • The tubs are approximately   5ft in diameter and 24" high
  • They hold about 200 gallons of water when filled
  • Plexiglass frame
  • Inner foam wall
  • Permanent blue liner
  • Dual heating system that maintains a consistent water temp throughout labor (No need to empty and refill during labor)
  • Foam floor pad
  • lightweight foam cover to help maintain tub temp when out of the water
  • Universal faucet adapter
  • floating duck thermometer
  • Disposable liner
  • Submersible drain pump for easy emptying
*Client is responsible for purchasing their own hose. Please do not use a used garden hose.
Tub Rental Info:
  • Rental price for the tub is $350
  • Tubs are dropped off approximately  two-three weeks prior to your estimated due date
  • The tub remains with you until you deliver. There are no additional fee's occurred if you go past your due date.
  • Due to the limited availability in tubs we cannot accept reservations unless payment is made in full. Please call first to ensure we have an available tub prior to placing any online orders.