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Fees & Insurance 

InnerBirth Midwifery does accept most insurance plans. unfortunately, we cannot work with Medicaid at this time. For those that would like to use their insurance the first step would to be to get a verification of benefits (VOB). Our professional billing company would be happy to help you through this process. There is a flat fee of $20 to have them run your benefits. This is very helpful to have done as soon as possible. This VOB will tell us what type of coverage you have, what your co-pays and deductibles are as well as how much of that has been met. Although out of hospital birth is much more cost effective, not all insurance companies will cover it. If your insurance does not cover homebirth or midwifery services there are other options. Many of our clients have also successfully accessed Health Savings Accounts, and Flex plans to pay for midwifery and homebirth services. We can provide you with an invoice at your request. We do offer other payment options such as flexible payment plans and a sliding scale fee for those that qualify. 

Click here for a VOB. You will need to provide the billing company with my provider pin number 10944. Be sure to provide them with your email address so they may email you a copy of your VOB as well. Once received we will review your benefits together. 

In order to make our services a viable option for every woman that wants a home birth we prefer to discuss further payment details as well as options in person.