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"After having three intervention filled hospital births, i decided when i had my next baby it would be at home.  Kim was the first midwife we interviewed and her strength of character and loving spirit instantly drew us in.  Throughout my pregnancy she was there with any questions I had, or ideas on ways to improve my nutrition and keep myself and my baby in optimal health.  She sat on the phone with me while I cried because i was bleeding and came up with a plan of attack when we knew why I was bleeding.  Her encouraging words and strength sustained me through that time.  I was grateful and still am to not only have such a wonderful midwife, but also a great friend who everyday encourages me to be the kind of mother, midwife and person that she is.  The birth of our daughter Seven was magical, when I didn't think i could go on Kim was right there reassuring me that i could and that I was.  I never believed I could have a natural birth, let alone a homebirth...and without Kim I dont think I would have.  Even when some things went wrong postpartum, Kim handled them with the grace and experience of a seasoned midwife armed with the knowledge that she has learned in her many years of training.  It is because of Kim that i am on my own journey to become a midwife.  I will be blessed to be even half of the midwife that she is.  Thank you for being who you are Kim and for helping women to have a choice in care for themselves and their babies."
                                     ~Alyssa Ruben
"I would like to share my birthing story as a patient of Kimberly McCarty. I was first introduced to Kim by a previous midwife who had moved from IL to attend my fourth birth. When I walked into Kim’s office I immediately felt a connection with her. She not only listened to me about my expectations and vision for my birth, she listened and asked questions of my husband. Kimberly is professional and extremely knowledgeable of the pregnancy process. Having a midwife that is educated in all aspects of health is an invaluable asset for a birthing mother. Kim is not only educated in normal birth but issues that may arise outside of a normal birth. During my labor an issue with the umbilical cord arose. Kim immediately rectified the problem without causing me any alarm. When I found out I was pregnant with my fifth child I immediately called Kim to be my midwife once again. Kim was a wealth of information because I was struggling with my sugar levels during that pregnancy. She set up a diet and exercise regiment that helped lower my sugar levels. During my pregnancy Kim was available and attentive every step of the way. When I had to go into the hospital Kim offered me support over the phone and also came to the hospital to offer comfort and assistance during an unexpected and trying time. When the doctors  thought they were unable to have me deliver without a c-section Kim suggested a technique that the doctors used and it allowed me to have a vaginal birth and deliver without my baby’s heart rate dropping. After my birth Kim came to the hospital and offered me and the baby additional support. She also did all of my post natal care even though I delivered in the hospital. I would not only use Kim as a midwife for my birth again I would recommend her to my family and friends. Kim is an exceptional midwife and a lover and protector of the sacredness of birth."
                                                   ~Maria Brown