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Electricity From Poultry Litter/Waste

Electricity From Poultry Litter/WasteWe have shaped the concept of “Poultry Litter to Energy” and not only unearthed an innovative solution to meet energy scarcity in the interiors of India but also curtailed the hurdles associated with Poultry Farming. The foul smell and the disposal of solid organic waste were two big problems affecting the poultry industry but with our idea of converting this bio-waste into electricity, things have changed dramatically. We have served many hatcheries, layer farms and broiler farms with our decentralized power plants.

After an extensive research and development we have engineered Independent Power Plants capable of generating electricity from poultry litter. We offer Turnkey Solutions i.e. right from conceptualization of the plant to Generation of Electricity, we provide complete solution. The plants designed and commissioned by us are indigenous and equipped with advanced features to overcome the challenges posed by harsh local weather.

Target Beneficiaries :

Poultry Farmers: Layer Farms, Hatchery Farms & Broiler Farms

Calculation Chart :

Waste and droppings per Bird/Hen per day Poultry Litter required to produce 1 cubic meter of Bio Gas Electricity Generated from one cubic meter Bio Gas per day
120 gms 5 kg 2 kw

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