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Electricity From Cow Dung

Electricity From Cow DungConventionally, cow dung has been used as manure although it has serious potential to meet our energy requirements. Technological advancement has made it possible to generate electricity with this so called “Bio-Waste”. Since 1998, we have been experimenting with the designs of our Biogas Generators and Digesters and upgraded the models to a version that is today, phenomenal in waste-to-electricity conversion.

There is a long history to our contribution in generating electricity from cow dung. We have already served over 200 dairy farmers in India and provided them with Turnkey Solutions on how to manage organic waste to address the problem of electricity scarcity. We have optimized the designs of our Bio Gas Generators to make the best use of exhaust heat generated during the process of power generation. This heat can be a very good source for direct or indirect heating in wide array of thermal applications such as boilers, heating sheds etc. All these efforts contribute towards conservation of resources and better utilization of so called “organic waste”.

Target Beneficiaries :

Dairy Farmers, Gowshalas (cow shelters), Village Panchayats, Milk Cooperatives, Veteran Hospitals, Municipal Corporation Cattle Shelters, Agriculture Universities and Dairy Institutions

Calculation Chart :

Dung from one Cow/Buffalo Cow Dung Required to Produce 1 cubic meter of Bio Gas Electricity Generated from one cubic meter Bio Gas per day
15-25 kg 20 kg 2 kw

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