Perfect bio - waste & power management

Perfect Bio -Waste & Power Management Pvt. Ltd.

(A Group Company of Perfect Gas Generators)

Electricity From Cow Dung

Electricity From Poultry Waste

Electricity From Vegetable, Fruit & MS - Waste

Organic Manure

Electricity From Rice Husk/Wood Briquettes/Rice Straw

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PERFECT GAS GENERATORS has setup Power Plant of 62.5 kVa capacity producing electricity from 285 m3 Biogas Digester based on Poultry Litter / Poultry Waste. The Ploultry is a 'Layer Farm" with 10,000 birds in Haryana (INDIA). The slurry coming out from the Digester is being used as a Organic Manure in the near by agriculture fields for the regular fertility of the raw land.

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Ibn7 has done coverage of our Bio Gas Project at Jhajjar of Poultry farm

World Bank documentary film on work on Renewable Energy in India covering 7 most unique sites out of which 4 sites are commissioned by us

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