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Electricity From Cow Dung

Electricity From Poultry Waste

Electricity From Vegetable, Fruit & MS - Waste

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Electricity From Rice Husk/Wood Briquettes/Rice Straw

Electricity From Rice Husk / Wood / Rice Straw

Electricity From Rice Husk / Wood / Rice StrawBiomass gasification is a process that involves controlled combustion of biomass to produce combustible gases carrying Carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrogen (H2) and traces of Methane (CH4). This mixture, termed as Producer Gas, serves as an excellent fuel for electricity generation. As we know, there is a wide range of biomass available including rice husk, wood powder, rice straw, coconut shells etc. the process of biomass gasification is a good alternative for economical and environment friendly power generation. Biomass gasification is carried out in plants called Gasifiers.

We manufacture Biomass Generators in the capacities ranging from 3 kVa to 125 kVa and that run purely on Producer Gas. We have tied up with reputed manufacturers of Gasifiers so as to source the finest quality Producer Gas Equipment for our Biomass Generators.

Potential Beneficiaries :

Village Panchyats :

Producer Gas based Power Plants under 'Village Electrification Scheme' have been put up by many State Governments like Bihar Government, Madhya Pradesh Government etc.

Rice Mills :

As they have abundant husk, they can run their units on the power generated by the use of rice husk.

Big Industries :

The per unit cost of electricity produced by Gasifiers is less than State Electricity Cost so industries can set up their own independent and low cost Power Generation Plants.

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