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Electricity From Cow Dung

Electricity From Poultry Waste

Electricity From Vegetable, Fruit & MS - Waste

Organic Manure

Electricity From Rice Husk/Wood Briquettes/Rice Straw

Electricity From Vegetable, Fruit & MS - Waste

Electricity From Vegetable & Fruit WasteIndia with its huge consumer population produces colossal amount of vegetable and fruit waste everyday. A prudent use of this waste can overcome the challenges of power shortage in both rural and urban areas. This waste can be converted into a mixture of combustible gases which in turn can be used in electricity generation.

This is a cleaner, greener and economical method of power generation. We have presented futuristic concept to generate electricity from these Bio-Wastes and thus, we are contributing towards making this world a better place to live.

Potential Beneficiaries :

Vegetable Mandis Markets, Agro-based companies, hostels, hotels, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, housing societies, institutions, waste dumping yards etc.

Vegetable Markets, Agro and Food based companies, Hostels, Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, Hospitals, Housing societies, Institutions, Waste dumping fields etc.

Calculation Chart :

Bio Waste To Generate one Cubic meter Biogas Electricity Generated from One cubic meter Biogas
Fruit 2 kg 2 kw
Vegetable 4 kg 2 kw
Kitchen Waste 3 kg 2 kw

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