Perfect bio - waste & power management

Perfect Bio -Waste & Power Management Pvt. Ltd.

(A Group Company of Perfect Gas Generators)

Electricity From Cow Dung

Electricity From Poultry Waste

Electricity From Vegetable, Fruit & MS - Waste

Organic Manure

Electricity From Rice Husk/Wood Briquettes/Rice Straw

Product & Services

Product & ServicesPerfect Bio-Waste and Power Management Pvt Ltd. offers a comprehensive array of products and services to convert Bio-Waste into electricity. The range of our products comprises of Gas Generators, Biogas Filtration Systems and Biogas Digesters.

All our products are indigenously manufactured and assembled, with an emphasis on the nature and magnitude of power challenges faced in this particular region of the world.

We also provide consultancy services on how to set up a plant for recycling of Bio-Waste and on installation of Decentralized Power Plants.

Our Products

Gas Generators

Gas Generators

We hold expertise in designing and manufacturing a wide array of Gas Generators with capacity ranging from 3 kVa to 125 kVa.

Our Gas Generators are engineered to run on different fuels like Bio Gas, Producer Gas, PNG/CNG, LPG and Hydrogen.

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Biogas Filtration System

Biogas Filtration System

We have designed Bio Gas Filtration Systems that exhibit phenomenal efficiency in removing contaminants like Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and moisture content from the raw Bio Gas generated from biodegradable waste through anaerobic digestion.

Our Biogas Filtration Systems are based on advanced technology and carry out the filtration job by a combination of several processes such as water scrubbing, chemical scrubbing and metal scrubbing.

Bio Gas Digesters

Bio Gas Digesters

Our Bio Gas Digesters are exemplary for their innovative engineering and are available in various sizes ranging from 20 m3 to 1000 m3 in capacity. We are offering Bio Gas Digesters in various models like Fixed Dome, Floating Dome, Over head Digesters etc. Besides, we are also offering customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of the customers.




We have a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, who provide consultancy services for setting up Bio-Waste recycling plants for sustainable and economical generation of electricity.

We also provide assistance in the installation of Decentralized Power Plants.

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